About us

We provide wide range of unique plain and also decorated crystal products 

Our company was established at 2008 after more than 20 year experiences in glass industry. We produce and exports clear and decorated Crystal product to our clients into many foreign countries.

For our products we use quality lead crystal and lead free crystal from famous Bohemian glassworks. Decoration is done by skillful cutters and glass painters. We use premium gold for our decorations and we strictly follow correct production processes so we can guarantee the best quality of our products.

Except of gold decorations we also provide color sprayed designs which are done by modern organic colors.

Also we provide complete customer service with all the documents and transportation.

We cooperate with well known companies for example Nachtmann, Crystalite Bohemia, Crystal Bohemia, Bomma, Rückl glassworks, Crystal Glamour, AZ Design and many others.